Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ 

Can I become a Roller Planet Groove talent?

We are currently not soliciting new talent at this time. However, we always keep our eyes open for great new Jam and Street Groove skating talent. If you would like to be considered in the future, please send us an email at

Can I submit an idea for a show or story?

All Roller Planet members may submit show and story ideas. Please utilize the email. Note that submittal of ideas or suggestions automatically transfers the rights of that idea or suggestion to Roller Planet as per our Terms and Conditions agreement. 

Does Roller Planet have any job openings?

We do not currently have any openings. When a position opportunity arises, we will post the job opening on typical digital job boards and may include the job posting directly on our website.

How do I contact Roller Planet?

Please go to the Contact page and email us your inquiry. Thank you. 

How do I submit a roller skating video?

Roller Planet is not accepting personal video submissions or allowing video sharing at this point in time. In the future, a communication portal may be set up for members to share video. 

May I use Roller Planet video on my social media or web site?

Unfortunately, No. Any and all video or footage on the Roller Planet platform is strictly owned and licensed by Roller Planet and may not be shared. It is against our Terms and Conditions for any user, member, potential customer or visitor to our site, to capture, record, pirate, or use any material from our digital portal without explicit authorization. This includes logos, footage, still photographs, event highlights, and any parts and pieces of the Roller Planet Platform. 

How do I request Roller Planet to attend my roller skating event?

Please contact us at Include your name, name of rink, rink address and telephone number, party or event you’d like covered with the prospective dates, and any other pertinent information. Please note that we cannot accommodate all requests and chose according to ongoing business priorities. 

My company is interested in sponsorship or advertising with Roller Planet. How do I proceed?

We welcome the opportunity to consider your proposal, advertising inquiries, and to the discuss the potential of sponsorship of Roller Planet or any one of our events, programs, and sub brands. Please submit you contact information and specifics at

What Live Sporting Events does Roller Planet have upcoming?

Our rights and streaming plans are constantly evolving. Currently for 2022, Roller Planet will produce and Live stream the following: Rocky Mountain Artistic Invitational, ARHA Tom Osborne Invitational, ARHA American Championships, IHA Inline Championships, IHA American Speed Skating Championships, IHA American Artistic Championships. 

I cannot find my question. 

Please go to the Contact page and email us your inquiry. Thank you. 

Where is Roller planet located?

Roller Planet has remote employees and offices located throughout the United States.



Updated as of August 31, 2023