Skate City Colorado


50th Anniversary Party at SC Academy

Skate City Academy celebrated its 50th Anniversary on Monday, May 8, 2023 with a free skate party for the Colorado Springs community. 


St Patrick’s Day Skate

We hope you are wearing green! Check out the St. Patrick's Day Family Skate at Skate City Aurora on Friday, March 17, 2023. 


March Madness!

It's March and that can only mean one thing...MARCH MADNESS! Check out the March Madness Family Skate at Skate City Aurora on Friday, March 10, 2023. 

Across the USA


Party Roller Wave

Roller Wave NYC - Sounds Of Africa. A roller disco pop-up party held at different venues throughout New York City.


Rolling in the Carolinas

After a two year hiatus, the legendary "Rolling the Carolinas" returns to a record crowd and unbelievable talent. Skaters from across the country travelled to Charlotte, NC to roll with the best.


United Skates Rollin'

The Cleveland skate community comes out in force for “Rollin' in Cleveland”. Their unique Cleveland style is on display as the skate community thrives.


1st Wednesday

Millennium Skate World in Camden, NJ has one of the strongest adult skate cultures in the United States. Their monthly “1st Wednesday” skate parties rivals many large annual parties from around America.


Dip Girls

Taylor and Kay of the Dip Girls of Cleveland represent for their crew at United Skates Rollin in Cleveland party


The Weekend

Kate’s Skating Center in North Carolina was forced to cancel their huge annual skate party due to Covid. Finally able to host an event, skaters returned to the wood to make up for lost time.


Cleveland Style

Cleveland's unique skating style and skilled skaters are on display at United Skates of America.

Shuffle Skate


USA Shuffle Party '22 - Night 1

The USA Shuffle Skate Party was such a huge success in 2021 that they followed it up with an even bigger party six months later. Night one began the festivities at Sparkles in Smyrna, Georgia.


USA Shuffle Party '22 - Night 2

The second night of 2022‘s USA Shuffle Skate Party was the biggest to date. Talented skaters from throughout the country gathered at Sparkles in Hiram, Georgia for an unforgettable evening.


USA Shuffle Party ’21 - Day 1

The inaugural USA Shuffle Sk8 Party kicks off at Sparkles in Kennesaw, Georgia. Skaters from around the country travel to the south and celebrate their skate culture.


USA Shuffle Party ’21 - Day 2

The pinnacle night of the inaugural USA Shuffle Sk8 Party brought skaters out in droves to Sparkles in Hiram, Georgia. Fast beats, swift skaters and the love of skating makes this a night to remember.


USA Shuffle Party ’21 - Interviews

Skaters from across the United States celebrate the shuffle style and reflect on the importance of their skate family.

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